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European Union requirements for pet traveling
May 6th, 2011

For export of per dogs, cats and ferrets to the European Union, microchip implantation must occur prior to rabies vaccination. Any rabies vaccination that occurs prior to microchip implantation is not considered valid (cannot be used to export a dog, cat or ferret to the EU).

21 days must have elapsed after rabies vaccination if a microchip is being implanted for the first time, regardless whether the animal was up-to-date on its previous rabies vaccinations.

Some examples:

  • A dog was microchipped and rabies vaccinated on the same day, April 25, 2011. The dog is not eligible to travel to the EU until 21 days after the vaccine was given (day one is April 26 - that is, 24 hours after the vaccine is day 1).

  • A dog was microchipped April 2, 2010. It's rabies vaccine, a 3 year vaccine, had been given April 2, 2009. In order to travel to the EU, the dog will need a rabies vaccination given after the microchip was implanted, and then must wait 21 days before traveling to the EU.

  • A dog was microchipped April 2, 2010. It had a 3 year rabies booster on the same day. The dog can go to the EU. (to countries that don't require a rabies titer.)

This requirement is now being enforced by EU countries. We have multiple instances of dogs and cats being refused admission to EU countries, and in some instances the pets had to be returned to the US at the owner's expense. We have had to refuse to endorse many export certificates because the requirement was not met.

Requirements for exporting pets to any country can be found at: